Welcome to The Pet Stop, where your pets will receive quality,
loving care from a fellow pet owner and animal lover!  I began caring
for pets because of the love I have for my own pets. I currently share
my life with five dogs and a mourning dove, each of whom I consider
as "my baby."  In the past, I have owned turtles, fish, cats and

From 2001-2003, I lived in Namibia and South Africa, where I got my
dogs, Percy and Zulu. Upon my return to Maryland, I found it very
difficult to find proper care for them while I was away;  someone who
I could trust with my babies. This led me to pursue pet sitting part
time, while working as a Medical Assistant.  It took no time for me to
realize that spending my time with animals is when I am the most
happy.  Each moment I  spend with each of my animal friends is a
joy for me, full of so much reward and enrichment!  

With myself and my small team of dedicated, loving pet caretakers,
you and your pets are not just clients; each pet is treated with the
same loving, personalized attention which you, yourself would give,
and you become a member of The Pet Stop family!  My philosophy
to pet care goes beyond just playing with and feeding your pet, I
firmly believe in building relationships with each and every pet, and
each and every pet owner.  You can rest assured that your pets will
receive the same loving treatment from us as they do from you.  
Quality, professional care with a loving, family touch!
About Us
Shaka Zulu
08/05/2002 - 12/20/2005
Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge
Our sweet Homer who is also
waiting at the Rainbow Bridge
Percyville Montgomery
Bradbury Bunny who
crossed the rainbow
bridge in 2008
Gizmo LeMonkey
Zimba Rafiki
UPDATE: Sadly, Zimba was
diagnosed with canine
lymphoma on 11/12/2009.  He
is still a happy, energetic boy,
and we will ensure that he
remains that way.  Thoughts
and prayers are appreciated
Bandit LePoo
Mario LeGrumpy